Salotto Salon &
Blowdry Lounge

Our artistic stylists bring first-hand experience from fashion capitals around the world. We’re a unique and dynamic group of communicative hair designers who take our job seriously, and as seriously fun. We’ll invest in getting to know you, to understanding your hairstyling needs, and use years of industry experience and education to work with your hair, facial features, and lifestyle to get you the look that gets looks.

Our Story

The original concept of a “salon” referred to a social gathering of people and first came to prominence during the renaissance in Italy and France, while the term “Salotto” is an Italian word that refers to a lounge or parlor. Founded in 2005, Salotto Salon has incorporated these historical definitions and combined them with a passion for innovative, modern hairstyling techniques to create the perfect salon environment. Surrounded by Eucalyptus trees, the serene, Mediterranean-like atmosphere of Rancho Bernardo provides the perfect, tranquil backdrop for our artists to work their magic. As a family-owned company, we take pride in our ability to offer the perfect, personalized hair care experience to anyone who walks through our doors. We offer the same level of intimate care today as we did when we opened and will continue to do so for years to come. However, we are more than just a smiling face and a convenient location – we are also a world-class hair salon! Our in-house stylists offer a wide array of hair design services ranging from simple (but gorgeous) haircuts to specialized Ouidad styling.



Founder and Artistic Director

At the salon, he is sometimes overheard recalling childhood memories of how his mother’s friends would rave over their hairdressers, and how these spirited conversations sparked his passion for ‘making people feel beautiful.’ Read More

Owner, Master Stylist &
Extension Specialist

Simply put, Corinne is the lifeblood of Salotto and the personification of “Complete Beauty”, Salotto’s mantra that has been carried down from its founding years as Zenbi Salon in 2005. As our Director of Guest Experience, the softness of Corinne’s manner belies an unrelenting focus: EVERYONE GETS THE SAME “COMPLETE BEAUTY” EXPERIENCE, EVERY TIME Read More

Master Stylist

Lezlee, one of the original members of the Salotto team in 2005, returns to Salotto from a hair styling career in downtown San Diego. Her laugh is infectious and her smile defines the excellence of her customer service. A true mom, she nurtures her clients needs and always takes the time to assure that they are met. Read More


Master Stylist
and Hair Diva

“My mission is to create, for each individual, a look that suits their personality and lifestyle.” Jasmin is a California native who has spent 15 years behind the chair, committed to making her clients’ hair visions a reality. Every day, Jasmin brings to the floor her years of experience and dedication to customer satisfaction. Read More

Master Stylist and
Smoothing Specialist

Shari is a high performance, creative stylist and color specialist who has offered her design talents and her keen sense of style to clients throughout the country for over 16 years. Trained by Sassoon masters, Shari believes beauty is an individual expression. She loves to add that certain color “pop” to showcase a great cut and put together just the right look for you. Read More

Master Stylist and
Upstyle Artist

After years in the corporate world, Shalay has rediscovered her passion for beauty. Her intuitive communication skills ensure each guest in our salon receives a personalized experience, every time. Shalay says, “Providing consistently excellent service is my #1 priority!” Read More



Maricel Murphy

Originally from San Francisco, Maricel’s passion for hair sparked as a young 13-year-old preparing for promotion. A simple up-style shaped Maricel’s future and she has been a Stylist since 1998. Maricel’s curiosities and love for hair have kept her exploring various educational venues and you’re likely to find her observing her peers with every chance she gets while in the salon. Read More

Kasey Erokhin
Stylist and
Makeup Artist

Since trading in Hollywood for Salotto Salon and Blowdry Lounge, Kasey has trained under Salotto’s salon owners, expanding her expertise in all things hair. You can find her multitasking around the salon, lending a hand or a foil to anyone who needs one. Read More

Lauren Blackburn
Junior Styling and
Blonding Specialist

Following high school, Lauren made the natural progression to university with the intentions of feeding her passion for psychology. After taking some time off, she found her true calling in hair dressing. “It’s kind of funny now because sometimes I almost feel like a therapist, without the masters degree… the way people open up to me about their lives and the connection I have with my clients.” Read More