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Delicate highlights designed to mimic the subtle, dimensional hair color seen on a child’s hair. This look is often achieved in foils.

This hand-painted technique offers a soft transition and is a lower maintenance option for blondes, brondes and can even add a little sun-kissed pop to any color tone. Perfect for the color novice and can be a great way to transition back to grey.

A tousled hairstyle with loose, beautiful un-uniformed curls/waves.

A short haircut in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at about jaw level. The Bob began its popularity in the early 1900’s during the flapper movement and resurfaced with the redesign invoked by renowned Stylist Vidal Sassoon in the mid 1960’s. See also: Graduation, Lob

Shampoo designed to remove build-upon hair products, environmental impurities (ie: hard water), etc. With a high pH level, a clarifying should be done only once a week. Ask your Stylist about Bumble and bumble’s Sunday Shampoo for at-home use.

The process of fixing a previous color service that had undesired results. A color correction may require several sessions to achieve the ultimate desired effect.

Melting is a technique that blends multiple colors, generally of the same tone, from the roots and down the hair shaft without any harsh lines.

A two-step coloring service most often used for a “bleach and tone” or may be recommended in a color correction.

Allows a Stylist to refine and customize a haircut to the clients individual needs and account for kicks or cow licks that are only visible when the hair is dry.

Salotto’s “quick fix” in a pinch. We will revitalize your style and refresh your day — dry hair only please!

Woven hair, which can vary from fine for a more natural look and sliced for a more edgy effect, is placed in a foil to separate it from hair that will remain natural. Foils are used for technique as well as heat conduction for higher levels of lift.

A color process that enhances shine and/or pigment.

Engineered by Vidal Sassoon in 1964 the Graduated Bob is a short, angular variation of the classic Bob, with a wedge shape in the back that graduates to a longer length framing the face.

Liquid keratin is applied to hair to create a smoother, healthier texture with semi-permanent effects.

A longer version of the Bob, with length that falls between the chin and collar bone.

Darkened strands of hair applied to compliment the natural hair color and may be incorporated with highlights for a multi-dimensional effect.

Balayage, Folayage, Babylights , Tipping… This service encompasses varying techniques to amp up your basic blonde to a blonde that turns heads and knocks on em’ dead.

An additive to color or stand-alone treatment that is formulated to rebuild broken hair bonds.

A borrowed term from the French word meaning shaded or shading. Ombré is generally a darker root through the mid-shaft and then gradually lighter towards the ends. This look can be achieved with many different coloring techniques such as Balayage, Color Melt or Double Process. See also Sombré.

A softer version of Ombré.

A dry finishing technique in hair cutting offered to lighten the density and create additional movement.